Hungryfr is a open group invitation to take a break from work and get a meal together. The service includes a website and mobile application and a physical departures board and kiosk. Built for workplaces, schools and businesses, Hungryfr is a space for serendipitous conversation, one meal and four people at a time.


We built Hungryfr in the hopes that people in closed communities might get to know each other better. A key element of our design is targeted to people who are already gathered in the same physical location and part of the same community. We designed with the hope of giving community members as excuse to get to know one another, and thus be more inspired to collaborate together in unexpected ways outside our system. In other words, we designed to create the opportunity for "Engineered Serendipity" and ultimately a chance for real innovation and more whimsical play.

Our prototyped site was built in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Flask using MongoDB hosted through Heroku. SMS features were built using Twilio.